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100% handmade.

Product: skirt

Color: rainbow

Composition: 85% cotton 15% fiber

Lining: no lining - crochet in closed stitch.

Modeling: tube



Manufacturer: Melon.


Gi wears size M.


Measurement chart:


Q: 34/36

27cm length

77cm circumference


M: 36/38

29cm length

90cm circumference


G: 40/42

30cm length

96cm circumference


Colorful Crochet Skirt

R$220.00 Regular Price
R$176.00Sale Price
  • 1- Wash the garment by hand

    Rub the crochet piece carefully and gently, after washing, squeeze the piece, don't twist it! You can't twist your crochet piece because this will make the piece warp and may be irreversible! If you need to, let your crochet piece soak before rubbing.

    Remember to remove anything that could tangle with your garment when washing.

    2- Room temperature water

    It is important that the water is at room temperature so that the crochet does not shrink.

    3- Product

    Do not wash your garments with chlorine-based bleach. We recommend using neutral soap in liquid or bar


    After washing and rinsing, leave the piece to dry flat, as the crochet is very heavy when washed, so the piece can warp over time.

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