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All the Information You Need to Know

😉 delivery only to European countries and U.S.

Free shipping.

Birthday of the month: 30% off. It does not accumulate with other promotions. Contact us and we will send you a discount voucher, special for your birthday.


How do I request the return of my order?

You can request automatic return directly on your Meloa profile, without having to contact our customer service. it's more practical and faster!

Follow the instructions:

Step 1

Log in and then click on '' My Orders ''.

 Step 2

On the next screen, your purchases will be listed, so just select the order you want to return, and click on the "Request return" button.

Hey! just do not forget that the return is only allowed for purchases that have status delivered, and within the period of 07 calendar days after receipt, ok ?! After that, the site automatically disables the permission.

Step 3

I want to return 1 (or more) products and be refunded.

After selecting the option above, just choose the parts you want to return, describe the reason for the return, and then confirm.

Then, an email will be sent to you with authorization for your return.

Ah! Only one return request per order is allowed, okay ?!

Write down the conditions for a return:

♦ Only unwashed, unused, and odorless products will be accepted;  

♦ Items that have been altered by the client (examples: hem, cuff adjustment, etc.) will not be accepted; 

♦ Check if your part is intact, with the exchange label affixed to it;

♦ The product must be intact and the exchange label affixed to the piece;

♦ Products will not be accepted after the exchange period; 

♦ If the product is defective due to misuse, the refund will not be authorized and the product returned to the customer.

How will I know that my refund is reversed?

As soon as your return is approved and the chargeback is made, we will send you an automatic email communicating the refund. Just wait, please.

How do I request the return of my order?

You can request the automatic return directly on our website or you can also contact us directly by WhatsApp or email.


As our pieces are exclusive, we do not guarantee the exchange of your piece for a piece of another number, if the size you want is no longer in stock, we refund the amount as soon as we receive the piece or we can exchange it for another piece! 

How do I cancel an order?

Hi! After completing your order, you have up to 24 hours to contact us and cancel your order. After that time, we cannot say that we will be able to cancel your order. 

To check, you can contact our service team, sending an email to

Ah, don't forget to inform your order number, ok !?

Now, if you have already received your order or it is in the carrier, you can refuse delivery or start the return process on our website.

How do deliveries and deadlines works?

Our delivery time to Europe  and US is around 8-15 days.

Delivery times for products vary according to the place of delivery.

After the payment confirmation, you are going to receive by email, your order tracking code, we ask for 3 days to prepare and ship your order. 

The deadlines start to count from the approval of the order by the administration of your card. It can take up to 48 hours for the card to be released by the card company.

Purchases made and approved until midnight will be processed from the next business day. Orders placed on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays will be processed from the first business day following authorization by the credit card company.

It is worth noting that, in relation to the delivery time, small external unforeseen events may arise that may result in delays, in these cases, we will notify customers;

The customer who chooses the delivery of the goods by the carrier, agrees and authorizes the delivery to administrators, managers, porters or caretakers to receive their order. These respond, upon receipt of the goods, exempting Meloa from any responsibility for the violation, loss or loss of the goods properly delivered, if it occurs.

Any questions and / or if you do not agree with any information transcribed by the carriers, please contact and we will assess the situation together. We are at your disposal!

The possible reasons for the delay in delivery are: absence of the customer at the delivery address registered on the website; incorrect or incomplete registration address; address change; eventualities inherent to the action, such as natural accidents, general strikes, demonstrations and / or any other force majeure. Therefore, it is very important that the customer is attentive to the delivery of the order.

Payment methods:

At the moment, the only form of payment we accept is through PayPal.


We set up this site with great affection to offer you exclusive services! Below are some basic rules of use:


Meloa will do everything to meet the deadlines set out in this regulation, however, small external contingencies may arise. In such cases, we will notify customers of any delays, okay?

General content

Even with the constant care in offering our best service, it may happen that some of the information contained in our website contains typographical errors, inaccuracies or omissions related to the description of the products, prices and availability. As soon as such errors, inaccuracies or omissions are discovered by or notified to Meloa, we reserve the right to correct them, modify and update the information at any time, without prior notice. But look, we are very careful to prevent this from happening, okay ?!

Product information

Not all products featured on the blog are available for purchase on the Meloa website. Some items posted on our blog and online store are for illustrative purposes only and are not available for sale. Information on pricing and product availability is subject to change.

Information about the availability of products in the website's stocks is constantly updated, however, in certain cases, due to technical problems, it may happen that we do not have in stock a certain product purchased by you. In this case, in the shortest possible time, we will let you know about what happened and request a full refund of the amounts paid!

Colors and prints

If you are dissatisfied, give up, or regret it when your order arrives, we give you the right to exchange or return the purchased product, ok ?!

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♦ Meloa's website will be exempt from any responsibility for misfortunes arising from the provision of the client's personal password to third parties.


♦ the customer must provide true and up-to-date registration information, so that it does not influence the delivery of products at the correct time and manner


♦ Meloa's website will only make sales and deliveries to customers residing in Brazil.


In the event of a change or cancellation of the order, we will contact the customer by email, and / or telephone contained in the respective registration.

♦ It is worth remembering that, despite all efforts by Meloa and its suppliers to provide clear, correct and adequate information to customers, there is no way to guarantee that all information is accurate, complete and updated at all times;

Meloa on facebook

The official page of Meloa on Facebook (‘Meloa’) is another channel of communication with you and can also be used for shopping.


You can use information or the image of  Meloa's clothes on your personal Facebook page, without commercial purposes, avoiding offensive posts. Meloa may ask you or Facebook to withdraw such publications or notify you of the inappropriate use of the information or images.

The repetition of offensive or inappropriate publication may lead to the exclusion of the name in the list of subscribers of the official page of Meloa on Facebook and, eventually, also in the registration of the Meloa website.

We warn that there may be, without Meloa's knowledge or authorization, unofficial pages about it, therefore, Meloa is not responsible for the content that may be published on such pages.

*Facebook is not responsible for sales, exchanges, responses aimed at Meloa.


Rest assured that here on the Meloa website your safety is a priority for us. We do not disclose personal data to other institutions under any circumstances, except in compliance with orders issued by public authorities.

All of your information that passes through our system - from your personal password to your credit card details - is encrypted. The operations are encrypted and, therefore, cannot be read or altered by third parties, and we only use the information provided by you to provide our services when necessary, ok ?.

Our protection system during transactions over the internet is the same used by the main financial institutions. have you noticed the closed padlock that is in the bottom corner of the screen? It is the guarantee that we use a company that specializes in providing you with a safe environment!

When purchasing for the first time on the Meloa website, you must complete your registration. In the following times, you only need to enter your login (email) and password, which will facilitate the completion of your next purchases!

Only your registration data, such as name, phone, email, zip code and date of birth, will be stored in our system.

Your credit card number and any other payment information will not be stored.

But it is worth remembering that only you can access the information or change it using a password, okay? (just check the ‘purchase security’ item).

Once you register, you release online access to guarantee your wishes and you can also change any information that is wrong at any time. But Meloa will not be responsible for checking or updating your registration, so the correct filling is up to you, ok ?!

ah! if you forget your password, relax! just enter the login screen and click on I forgot my password, or get in direct contact with our customer service via email responsible for securely guarding your password!

about third-party browsing data collection, you can disallow it at:

if you want to know more about our privacy policy, please contact us by email to

if you want to remove your registration completely from our site, just let us know!

Purchase security

cryptography is an advanced technology, which makes it possible to transform the common language into code into which all personal data is transmitted, during an internet purchase process.

this way, when purchasing with us, any and all information you provide to Meloa (whether personal data or payment information), it will be automatically encrypted before being transmitted and filed in its own internal environment - which is exclusive access to our team.


credit card purchases

The Meloa website does not retain credit card numbers.


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